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About Us


The Miresa Arts Foundation works each and every day to encourage and stimulate the creativity and cognition of adolescents regardless of background, race, environment, gender, social status, or disabilities (mental and physical). By the use of social and performing arts programs, The Miresa Arts foundations strives to bring remedy to societal problems that prevents adolescents from understanding their purpose, identity, and direction.

The Miresa Arts Foundation is a body that encompasses a variety of imperfect people that work together in order to make each other's life better. We believe in not only exploring one's journey in life but enjoying it as well. Our motto is "A story told, and never forgotten." Therefore, we work that equal opportunity may be given to any adolescent regardless of their upbringing so that may fully understand and express their stories and lives. Through varies forms of art, we hope to make known different profound perspectives of the problems individuals and communities may face.


Founder's      Vision


Not everyone is the same or have identical upbringings, but all have a part to play in the bigger picture of life whether that may be in their families or communities. I hope to break free from the societal restraints that conform me to fit a certain archetype. I aim to understand both the joy's and sorrow's different communities experience.

I work that my generation may gain:

  • Profound Expression of Art: 

  • Wisdom, Guidance, and Direction

  • Love in their strengths and flaws and their peers.

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