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The Miresa Arts Foundation Welcomes You


About Us


The Miresa Arts Foundation works each and every day to encourage and stimulate the creativity and cognition of adolescents regardless of background, race, environment, gender, social status, or disabilities (mental and physical). By the use of social and performing arts programs, The Miresa Arts foundations brings remedy to societal problems that keeps adolescents from understanding their purpose in life. We believe that our identity is determined by the actions of our character, and not by the color of our skin, sex, or social status. United under on small principle of loving one's neighbor, The Miresa Arts Foundation and it's members will help to bring remedy to societal dysfunction and civic disarray.

We are more than an organization, but a culture: a culture in which distinguishes an individual on the basis of their character and purpose knowing that the head is no better than the base that holds it.  The Miresa Arts Foundation is a body that encompasses a variety of imperfect people that work together in order to make each other's life better. This is not the place of self, but of selflessness: a place in which we carry each other's burden knowing that this journey we call life is better when there are people to care for you

  • We provide peace, in the midst of chaos.

  • We provide guidance to those who are confused.

  • With love, we combat hatred.

  • With joy, we combat depression.

  • With truth, we combat deception

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Founder's      Vision


"When does death end and life begin? How does one learn to love life again?

I work that my generation may gain:

  • Profound Expression of Art: 

  • Wisdom, Guidance, and Direction

  • Love that is shown in jubilation

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"Deep Thoughts"






"Love & Harvest"



"My Little Wanderer"






"Clouded Mystery"