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Miresa Pioneers



We are The Miresa Arts Foundation: the pioneers, leaders, artist, activist, storytellers, forerunners, and influencers of our generation. We are Generation Z: the generation of passion and ambition.  Let us therefore love life again and pave a better future for the generations here after, that each of us may add unto our life's pleasant memories and no regrets. We understand that life is not measured in numbers, but in moments. As a tree is known by its fruits, so shall we be known by the stories in which we produce in our lifetime. Therefore, let it be known that the members of The Miresa Arts Foundation will have their stories told and never forgotten! 

Who shall stand in the gap? We will! We work to tear apart every unjust bond of servitude and debt, to give everyone a chance to express their stories regardless of their demographic, to protect and provide the basic human liberty of life and to provide it abundantly, that all those in dark places may gain the courage to live with a newfound hope.

Reality is often a painful place to be, but it takes those who are willing to stand together with their peers so that each of us will not only have to survive but thrive in our lifetimes. We need your help, for we are all one small fragment of a grand masterpiece! Do you wish to bring programs in your city, state, or nation? Then we will provide you with guidance and skills to pioneer that program! We are more than an organization; we are a culture, and you are the builder of it. You are the leaders, and you are forerunners of the generation. We work that you may learn to value how important you are. You are not a statistic, paycheck, or an object to just be used by everyone. You are a human being with the authority to have dominion over your own life, ambition, and choices. Therefore, let your stories be heard across the world, and never forgotten.

Let’s Work Together

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