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Our Programs

  • ​We Are Miresa!  What makes a person unique and set apart? All of us are uniquely different but equally important to the betterment of their society, nation, and the overall world. Let us therefore uncover our hidden strengths and develop our current skills in our artistic outreach programs. Created by you, and sustained by you, The Miresa Arts Foundation brings together youth in high school, colleges, foster care facilities, juvenile detention centers, and neighborhoods to share their story through our art pathways. Miresa's pathways consist of traditional/digital art, music, dance, poetry/short stories, culinary arts, martial arts, humanities, etc. You have the passion and ideas, and we will provide you with the skills and resources to make it happen. Our Goal is for the complete betterment of every member that joins; at The Miresa Arts Foundation we build together on ground zero and steadily work our way up.

  • Miresa Events!  The Miresa will provide many small local events in Dayton, Ohio and/or Columbus, Ohio once each month. These mini events are focused on local urban development of the adolescents in each city. We also have an art showcase every quarter of the year alternating between Dayton and Columbus. These quarterly events are focused on sharing the stories of the adolescents and giving them an opportunity to express themselves. Next, we will have a networking event at the end of our Fiscal year (June 30th) for the purpose of providing the necessary resources and opportunities to progress in the pathway of their choice. Lastly, we have our big competitive event at the end of each year that allows adolescents to have a friendly competition between high school and colleges, city and city, etc. These events are focused on getting uniting adolescents regardless of their demographic and allowing them to put to test all the skills and lessons learned throughout the year.

  • Miresa Academy! In the Academy, you will learn about way to develop your mind and skills through our targeted courses in humanities. The purpose of the courses is for self-development and self-discovery, and it allows to view societal and individual problems with a different perspective.

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