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Arts Impact

"Art Is The Heart of an Effective Community"

Through the establishment of community art and art districts, the people therein gain a since of cooperation and joy. As a result in establishing social arts, the community will also build their own culture, interpersonal relationships. shared value, and shared understanding.  A strong community makes it easier in restoring and protecting the state of the environment.

The establishment of arts in communities play a significant role in addressing issues of public concern.  Together members are able to protect public values or make a change in their community.

The arts also helps to develop the youth of the community by nurturing their creativity and by providing a positive outlet in which they can express themselves. 


The Problem

"We Haven't Given Up Yet!"

Covid-19 has taken a lot from us. Many are without jobs and a lot of previous outlets for the adolescents of the community has shut down. A majority of families are not prepared for virtual or limited education for their children. Before Coronavirus, a lot of children grew up without hope that they can escape their circumstances. Covid-19 only magnified the frustrations, sorrow, and bitterness we've been facing. 

Suicides, drug overdoses, domestic abuse, and violence has increased. Our resources are limited, and more importantly, our connections.


"May your story be told...and never forgotten"

We are here to provide adolescents with a way to express their stories. We are here to present a different way. We are here to show our adolescents how great they are. Together we will stand. We will stand to help build the integrity and longevity of communities. We will stand to help our elders and those in need. We will stand against these difficult circumstances. By Faith, we will overcome...



Give outlets for adolescents to perform or showcase their stories and their lives.

Provide mentoring programs for adolescents and establish and nurture the community culture through different forms of art (murals, freestyle events, dance performances, etc.

Clean and continue to keep clean our neighborhoods and environment. Help break the inter generational barriers and help the elders of the community

Establish a local South Side network of small businesses, nonprofits, and influencers for the purpose of connecting community members with available resources and opportunities.

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All funding will go towards social distanced events, community cleaning, necessary art supplies,  protective gear, mentoring programs, and food (for families in need).

Any nonprofit, small businesses, local leaders, influencers, artist.or ministries that would like to help in the South Side Initiative, please contact us below via email or chat.

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