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What The Miresa Arts Foundation Believes

  • We believe that everyone has liberty to life and second chances.

  • We do not judge others based on their past mistakes. (including those who may have felonies).

  • We do not judge those dealing with substance abuse or mental/physical disabilities. 

  • We do not view each other differently whether they be poor or wealthy.

  • We do not take from, disrespect, or bully anyone who is poor.

  • We take care of the widow and the parentless.

  • We Love our neighbor as ourselves.

  • We do not support any gender inequality or tolerate hate towards any gender.

  • We do not support or endorse any political party or candidate in any country.

  • We do not support or tolerate any inappropriate sexual behavior including but not limited to: sexual harassment (Physical & Verbal), fraternizing between employees and members/volunteers, and sexual suggestive and/or explicit content.

  • We do not support any type of physical or verbal: this includes attacking or silencing someone who simply doesn't agree with you.

  • We believe that everyone should be viewed on the basis of their character and integrity rather than social status, ethnicity, age, gender, or religious belief.

  • We do not advocate or endorse any hard narcotics and addictive drugs in any of our content (whether that be on the behalf of members, employees, or volunteers).

  • We advocate for work ethic aim towards the advancement of communities whether it be urban or suburban.

  • We support critical thought provoking conversations and debates, but do not support baseless arguing.

  • We encourage unity, justice, joy, and peace. Not division, injustice, hatred of any kind (this includes hatred to those who disagree with you), and chaos.

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